15 Ways to Screw Up an IT Project

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff has a great round up of project management patters to avoid over on CIO. In brief, the list is:

  1. Having a poor or no statement of work.
  2. Not setting expectations up front.
  3. Not securing management buy-in.
  4. Using the same methodology for all size projects.
  5. Overloading team members.
  6. Waiting or not wanting to share information.
  7. Not having a clearly defined decision-making process.
  8. Not using a project management software system.
  9. Allowing scope creep (or excessive scope creep).
  10. Being afraid to say "no."
  11. Not being a team player.
  12. Poor communication.
  13. Too many, too long status meetings.
  14. Not caring about quality--the "good enough" syndrome.
  15. Not learning from past project management mistakes

But make sure to read the full post for comments and explanations from project managers in the trenches.